Commercial Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

It can be difficult choosing your perfect worcestershire wedding photographer. Nowadays, the number of wedding photographers are appearing at an alarming rate, partly thanks to the digital era. To truth is, an expert worcestershire wedding photographer doesn’t come cheap, but why should they? If you want the best it’s going to come at a price. Great wedding photographers like, Big Day Weddings, Marian Taylor and Paul Pope tend to have quality premises, quality camera kit, plus all the accessories that come with it – and someone has to pay for this, and that’s where the quality clients come in.

It’s kind of a virtuous circle. To charge good rates, you need to be able to produce stunning pictures. Sure a good eye is most definitely required, but these days, the kit and computers do a lot of the post production work, and this also needs to be paid for!

There are some obstacles for charging the higher end of the market. One being the customer. Most customers looking for wedding photography in Worcestershire have an untrained eye, so when they see you are charging £1500 Vs another photographer charging just £500, they see very little differentiation. When the truth of the matter is the photos are probably worlds apart.

For our £1500 fee, this includes unlimited coverage of your wedding day, album, photo booth and large files on DVD for your own use. We use one of the finest wedding albums on the market made by Jorgensen, so there is no expense spared. I’m sure you will agree, our images are stunning, as this can only be achieved by having the very best kit.

Camera kit is expensive, to buy good kit, you need clients; to secure clients you need to be good; to be good you need to have a great eye for detail; you need to know all the wedding tricks of the trade, locations, stock shots; it’s all about seeing the shots and being in the place at the right time – good photographers will know exactly where to be and when!

As a Worcestershire wedding photographer I limit the number of weddings I shoot each year to 30. This includes wedding at Birstmorton Court, Holt Castle, Hagley Hall, and Curradine Barns.

As you can see from above, Worcestershire offers some of the very best wedding venues in the UK. With this in mind, you want to make sure you appoint a professional and well respected photographer to ensure that your day is captured in stunning pictures. Hector Photography, offers exactly that, and would be delighted to be appointed your worcestershire wedding photographer.

If I am fully subscribed, I then recommend using a good photography friend of mine who specialises in documentary wedding photography – James Edwards, a worcestershire wedding photography expert.